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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ruggles Grill - Dessert Only

Everyone knows that Ruggles - from past to present - has always made some of the best dessert in town.  Their selection of big pieces, big chunks, and big bowls of delectable, ooey, gooey, sweet confections has always been a show stopper for me.  We set out just for dessert and champagne. 

Ordering their White Chocolate Bread Pudding was a given for us.  Known for this yummy sweet dish, I have ordered it many times at Ruggles in the past and always been super pleased.  However, this time, I was a little disappointed.  I thought it was too runny.  Also, too custardy.  However, one of my fellow diners, a custard fanatic, loved the fact that the bread pudding was much like a big ramekin of custard, so she was very satisfied.  The top was crunchy and the dish was very flavorful.  A raspberry sauce, served on the side, was a nice compliment (a little sauce went a long way).   The consistency and texture of the dish just did not work for me on this visit.

White Chocolate Bread Pudding

We also ordered the Carrot Cake.  I really enjoyed this slice of heaven.  The cake was moist and had a nice spice cake flavor.  The frosting, a cream cheese icing, was not over-the-top cream cheesy.   Instead, the cream cheese gave the icing a nice, not-too-sweet flavor complimenting the cake.  The frosting was done how cream cheese frosting should be done.  Compliments to Ruggles.  Great piece of cake! Also served with their organic vanilla bean ice cream on the side.

 Carrot Cake

Not pictured, but we consumed!! - the Candy Bar Cheesecake and Domino Cake.  I would describe the Candy Bar Cheesecake just like that, a cheesecake made with many varieties of candy bars.  A whole Nestle Crunch bar was even on the side of cheesecake slice!  The crust was a good graham cracker crust.  The Domino Cake was layered white and chocolate mousse between layers of moist, rich, dark chocolate cake, with an absolutely divine ganache icing.  Very fudge-y ganache icing.  Very yummy. 

All the desserts were $7.95.  And while I was a touch disappointed in the bread pudding, I highly recommend Ruggles Grill, especially to satisfy that sweet craving.  By the way, the service was amazing, too.

Ruggles Grill
903 Westheimer
Houston, Texas 77006

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