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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Becks Prime

I love Becks Prime.  I have been a fan of Becks Prime since the mid-1980s.  As high school kids, my friends and I would go there for "off campus" lunch.  Then way later in life, I frequented the eateries a great deal when I was pregnant (Hello - iron and dairy, of course! ...important components for a growing baby!).  And MANY, MANY times in between and since.   I am sure that Becks Prime is not perfect (no place is), but I truly don't remember having a bad experience at any of their locations.   This trip was no exception.

Becks Prime - Augusta Location

First up, the Cheeseburger ($7.95).   I'm a pretty much a traditionalist.  I love the plain, simple American Cheeseburger.   And, the Becks Prime Cheeseburger never disappoints.  Great char-grilled flavor.  Moist and juicy.  Not greasy.  Cooked medium.  Good seasoning.  Crunch from the veggies, extra flavor from the mustard and ketchup, soft bun, a cooked to order patty.   This burger makes me happy.


My dining companion ordered Bill's Burger ($8.95).  Sauteed onions, cheddar cheese, bacon, lettuce, jalapenos, and Prime Sauce.  He echoed all the sentiments of my description above.  He scarfed his burger down.  Another happy customer.

Bill's Burger

Clearly, a burger requires a side -- we ordered a side of the Hand-Cut Idaho Fries ($2.55).  Yum.  Delish.  A good fry.  Soft inside.   A little crunch on the outside, with skins.  The perfect amount of salt.  Loads of flavor.  Yum.  Delish.

Hand-Cut Idaho Fries

I got a little crazy this visit to Becks and tried the Parmesan Crisps ($3.25).  They were good.  Loads of garlic flavor.  Crispy.  Crunchy.  Light.  While they aren't really a "burger side," they would be fantastic accompanying a salad or other light dish.  So, while a thumbs up, I wouldn't order them again with burgers and fries.

Parmesan Crisps

My sweet finale -- The Chocolate Shake.   Heavenly.  I love their shakes.  Soft.  Cold.  Creamy.  Silky.   And, the best part is that Becks Prime offers "Dessert Portions."  ($2.75).  It's perfect....allowing you to have a big taste, without ordering a whole shake (unless you want a bigger shake, of course!). 

Dessert Portion of the Chocolate Shake

As usual, I left Becks Prime a very happy and satisfied camper.  Always consistent in quick service, fresh food, and perfectly prepared dishes.   Its no surprise that Houstonians named Becks Prime their Favorite Burger in the 2010 Houston Culinary Awards.

Becks Prime
2615 Augusta
Houston, Texas 77057
(Becks Prime is located in 11 Houston locations)

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