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Thursday, May 19, 2011

W Grill

Have you seen this little place as you drive down Washington Avenue?  I've driven by it a gazillion times (yes, I've counted -- a gazillion times) but never stopped.  Back when I was in high school (forever ago), Bambilino's Pizza was there.  We'd regularly stop for a slice of pizza and their yummy lemonade.  Ahhhhh...the memories. 

Okay, so anyway, today I decided to check out W Grill.  There are a couple of picnic tables out in front, but really, this little building only provides food (and "grown up" drinks -- beer, wine, and margaritas - made with wine) to go.  And, actually,their menu is pretty diverse ranging from Omelet in a Cup ($2.95) to Salmon BLT ($9.25) to wraps, salads, and 3 Mahi Mahi Taco ($9.25).   

Driving up to the drive-through menu/speaker put the pressure on me to order quickly (self-induced pressure, not W Grill's fault).  I hastily ordered a Cheeseburger (Cheddar Cheese) and Onion Rings (burger $7.25 + $.75 for cheese; Onion Rings: $2.25). 

The burger was actually moist, but there was no seasoning on this patty.  None.  Pretty darn bland.  No pop of flavor.  I enjoyed having my burger on a wheat bun (instead of a standard white -- the choice is offered at W Grill).  However, the bun wasn't anything special and sure did not compensate for the sad tasting burger.  Furthermore...note the fries in the above picture.  As mentioned previously in this post, I ordered the darn Onion Rings!!  But got the Steak Fries ($2.00).  The server (who was very nice and friendly) bragged about how great the Onion Rings were -- Plus, I LOVE Onion Rings.  So if seeing the Fries wasn't bad enough, the fries weren't even yummy.  If you are gonna mix up my order, serve me somthing amazing!  The fries, of frozen origin, were limp, but fresh out of the fryer...they were hot!  But nothing special. 

This cute little To-Go concept left me disappointed.  I miss Bambalino's.  

W Grill
4825 Washington Avenue
Houston, Texas 77007

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  1. They always screw up orders! And I agree with you on their burgers. They do have good shrimp tacos though! Check it out: