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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

City Hall Farmers Market

The City Hall Farmers Market is only about a month old, but already looks like a well established, well oiled machine.  The weather today was pretty crummy, but that didn't stop vendors and customers from participating.   It was, however, thanks to the rain, a great day for me to visit as I found front row parking!  A fun, vibrant band was playing on the steps of City Hall.

Many of our great local vendors were present from cheese to soups to produce to breads.  However, I was really hoping for some French Macarons, but sadly, none were there. 

I was super excited to see Slow Dough Bread Company there!  I bought a loaf of their Sourdough Bread ($5).  Oh.  My.  Gosh.  Delicious!  Super crusty on the outside.  Super soft on the inside.   An authentic Chicago Style bread with amazing sour flavor.  I, literally, could have eaten this whole loaf in one sitting.  I had to remove the guilty party from my presence.

For lunch, I tried two tamales from the Gourmet Tamale Bar -- Spinach & Corn and Black Bean Chipotle ($5 = 1 tamale or $8 for 2 tamales).  They were okay.  I needed some queso to add some moisture.  They were pretty dry, but did have nice flavor.  The Black Bean Chipotle offered an excellent kick that lingered on my palate.  They also offered Lemonade ($3 for a small cup).  It was terrible, awful stuff.  Not only was it watered down, but the flavor was just off kilter somewhat. Blah.

I ended with a sweet treat from Angela's Oven.  They had a great selection of baked goods.  I was torn between the Pain au Chocolate and the Cinnamon Roll, but went with the recommended Pain au Chocolate.  It was sweet and savory.  Soft and buttery.  Lots of semi-sweet chocolate on the inside.  It wasn't warm, of course, but still delish.  I'd like to taste their cinnamon rolls and scones now!

City Hall Farmers Market
Houston City Hall
Wednesdays - beginning at 10:00 AM

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