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Monday, November 8, 2010


So, I went the NASCAR track this weekend, Texas Motor Speedway in Fort Worth, where the Nationwide and Sprint Cup Series were running.  The experience alone of being in the pits and the garages was pretty amazing in itself.  Then, I had the great fortune of meeting both Mario Batali and Guy Fieri, who are both NASCAR Fans. 

What is a day, especially a day at a sporting event, without food?  So, we set off to find all the food amongst the cars, pit crews, and extremely dedicated fans.   Below is Elaine, cooking lunch for the #77 Car - Sprint Cup Series.  Because, well, the crews, drivers, and owners have to eat, too!  Her grill is right in front of their hauler.  Its super crazy around there...and super thrilling. 

We ate lunch in the TRD (Toyota Racing Development) Suite.  The food is about what you would expect as the official catered food at the track.  A grilled chicken, garlic mashed potatoes, and some really yummy broccoli cheese casserole.  And, token, cookies and brownies. 

I wanted to try some of the vendor food at the track....chicken fingers and cheese fries sounded authentic and totally appropriate for a Texas NASCAR experience.  However, the eats totally left me disappointed.  $8 for this?  Where is the cheese?  The fries were just awful.  I didn't even know a bad french fry existed...until I tried these.  Oh well. 

We grabbed some dinner at the on track restaurant, aptly named Hot Rod's Bar and Grill.  And...actually...the food was pretty tasty.  Buffet.  All American Food.  Hotdogs.  Burgers.  Nachos.  Coleslaw. Turkey and Stuffing.  The BEST chopped beef EVER (I put it on my dog).

But...the BEST of the Racetrack food is found within the infield.  First, you must know that the people camping on the infield track have a culture all of their own.  It is a riot.  It is fun.  It is crazy.  And, the grilling,smoking,and stewing that is happening over the weekend is second to none.  Here are some samples:

He was cooking chitlins.

His brisket was smoking for 8 hours.

Red beans and Rice.

This is real engine converted to a grill. 

Just needed to share this picture.

If you have the chance to go,  you shouldn't miss it!  Grab your RV, your smoker, your brisket, and hit the road.  You won't regret it...just don't get the chicken fingers and fries from the same place I did.                                    

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