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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Ooh la la: The Dessert Boutique

I love desserts.   And, I really love cupcakes.  They make me happy.  They represent a smile on a plate.  I'm always searching for the perfect cupcake.  And, Ooh La La comes pretty darn close.

The downside for us Houston proper folks is that the two locations are in Katy.  But, lucky for me, I live in West Houston, so the drive is not bad at all!  The store is a cupcake eatery should be.  Ooh La La has a large selection of cupcakes and also offers pies, cakes, cookies, cheesecake truffles, coffees, and many other dessert drinks.

Cupcake Display Case

So how do the cupcakes fare?  Excellent!  Of the ones I sampled, my favorite was the Margaritavilla - vanilla cake infused with tequila with key lime zest buttercream icing -oh, and rimmed with sugar.  Being a little afraid initially of the bright green frosting, I ordered the mini size ($1.00).  And, of course, the irony is that this little nugget of yumminess was my fave!  Light, moist cake, with a mild kick of flavor from the shot of tequila.  The key lime zest addition to the creamy buttercream was super fresh.  Great lime flavor without seeming artificial or hokey.  A truly delightful cupcake!!

Cookies and Cream, Boo Bunny, and Margaritaville Cupcakes

The Boo Bunny Cupcake, with orange sprinkles ($3.00), was comprised of a mouthwatering spice-carrot cake.  Light.  Moist.  Subtle cream cheese icing - smooth, fluffy, creamy icing.  The Cookies and Cream cupcake was comprised of  a delightful chocolate cake topped with vanilla buttercream.  The chocolate cake was similar to a devil's food.  Heavy flavor, not heavy cake.  Light, moist.  Not too sweet.  Chopped Oreo pieces on top. 

The Nilla Nilla Cupcake, which I expected to be my favorite, was a simple, nice cupcake -- vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream.  This cupcake continues the Ooh La La trend of light, moist, enjoyable cupcakes.  Not too crumbly.  Luscious, creamy, fluffy, smooth frosting.

Nilla Nilla Jumbo Cupcake

I also sampled a Sugar Iced Cookie ($3.00).  The cookie was heavy (not hard) and substantial (not dry or crumbly), yet still tender and easy to sink my teeth into.  Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.  A good solid, subtly sweet cookie.  The icing was nice and sweet, without being too sickling sweet.  All the iced cookies were cute -- which,  yes, iced cookies should be.  Cute.

Iced Sugar Cookie

You should definitely check out Ooh La La.  Or even just get on line and peruse their menu. Yum! They truly are a Dessert Boutique offering all of your sweet treat fantasies -- Banana Pudding  ($5.95), French Macaroons ($1.75), or several varieties of cheesecake ($4.95 a slice).  And, Danger Alert:  They even have a Drive Through Window!!   Ooh La La.....

Ooh La La: The Dessert Boutique
23920 Westheimer Parkway
Katy, Texas 77494


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