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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Vincek's Smokehouse - East Bernard

Vincek's Smokehouse is located in East Bernard.  While probably not on your normal beaten path, the barbecue is excellent and worth the trip if you are heading South on 59. 

Not only a local spot, but a tried and true stop for hunters who are reveling in a happy morning of a successful duck or goose hunt.  Vincek's is not only a barbecue eatery, but a meat market, bakery, caterer, and deer processor.  It definitely has the charm and character of a traditional Texas BBQ joint.  Maybe that is why the barbecue is so authentically Texan.

Vincek's Smokehouse

Fresh & Smoked Meats

The Sliced Beef Sandwich ($4.50) featured tender, full-smoke flavored brisket.  The bun was fresh and soft.  An excellent combination for a party in my mouth.

Sliced Beef Sandwich

The Chopped Beef Sandwich ($4.25) was also a crowd pleaser.  The chopped brisket was tender, coated in their tangy, mild, yet a touch-of-sweetness barbecue sauce.  Again, the bun was fresh and soft.  An excellent barbecue sandwich.

Chopped Beef Sandwich

The pork & beef sausage ($5.99/pound) was super juicy.  Tender.  The casing embodied that familiar, expected crispness with the tender yumminess of meat on the inside.  Mild smoke flavor -- smoked with pecan wood.  A really, really excellent sausage.  Not greasy.  Not dry.  Super delightful.

Beef & Pork Sausage

The potato salad ($2.50/pint) was worthy of a mention too.  Creamy.  Tender potatoes.  However, it could have used a little more yellow mustard and a little more crunchy sweet relish, but it still met my criteria as excellent, traditional Texas potato salad. 

Go try Vincek's.  The food is worthy of the drive, and the East Bernard residents are positively friendly.  I think you'll be happy you went for a visit.

Vincek's Smokehouse
Highway 60
East Bernard, Texas

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