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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Rudy's "Country Store" and Bar-B-Q

I first met Rudy's "Country Store" and Bar-B-Q when I moved to Austin forever years ago.   It was SO Texas to me -- the whole "gas station and convenience store with barbecue restaurant inside" thing.  The guy I was dating insisted it was the best barbecue EVER.   And, I agreed that is was pretty tasty.  Years pass, we got married, moved to Houston...sadly, no Rudy's was here at the time.  We met and dated Goode Company BBQ and LOVED it!  Then, Rudy's comes to Houston.  Quite a quandary, huh?

Well, we went to Rudy's last night after having been away from the eatery for quite a while.  There are lots of things I like about Rudy's.  All of their stores from San Antonio to Austin to Houston have consistently great staff, clean stores, and good food.  Service (order at the counter) moves fast.

The Chopped Beef Sandwich was excellent! ($4.19).  Soft bun.  Tender chopped beef.  Perfect amount of sauce.  A little spice.  Very tasty.

Chop Sandwich

The Turkey Sandwich was a winner, too.  The turkey was moist and tender.  Good smoked flavor, but not too much (too much smoked turkey flavor can kill the actual turkey flavor).   I added the famous Rudy's BBQ sauce and it was even more delish!

Turkey Sandwich

Clearly, barbecue is not only served on a bun.  What about the Brisket, you say?  It was tender.  Moist.  Excellent smoked flavor.  A little charring on the sides.  It was Yum. (1 pound=$5.89)


Finally, the Sausage.  I liked it.  The husband did not.  It was a little mealy and dry.  But I thought the subtle spicy flavor was delicious and it lingered on my palate.  (1 pound=$3.49)


I like their potato salad considerably!  Big chunks of al dente potatoes.  Creamy mayo/mustard.  Crunchy pieces of relish.  All the things Texas potato salad requires (Quart=$5.69).  I tried the creamed corn for the first time (small=$1.99).  Lots of corn, and good crisp, sweetness, but the sauce was too runny.  The beans.  I was disappointed in the beans. (Quart=$5.69).  Tender beans, but a big lack of flavor.  Dull. 

I like Rudy's.  I'm glad they followed me to Houston.....

Rudy's "Country Store" and Bar-B-Q
Several Locations, but in Houston:
14620 Northwest Freeway
Houston, Texas 77040
20806 Interstate 45
Spring, Texas 77373

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