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Friday, December 17, 2010

Afternoon Tea at The St. Regis

I love a nice lunch.  I love a nice dinner.  A fantastic brunch is swell.  But, give me a classy, sophisticated, upscale Afternoon Tea, and I am such a happy camper.  In Houston, our classiest Tea spot is at The St. Regis.

Today I went for Afternoon Tea.  I selected the St. Regis Blend for my tea.  I always select the St. Regis Blend.  Oh, I have tried other varieties such as the Raspberry and the new white tea offered.  But the St. Regis Blend is what I look forward to each time.  While I believe it has Earl Grey and Breakfast blends in it, this blend is so yummy, so delish....its a tea that you can really sink your teeth into.  So scrumptious!

The St. Regis Blend Tea

All the sandwiches offered at Tea are mouthwatering!  We sampled Chicken Salad on soft, thick wheat, Gruyere Cheese on white bread (excellent contrast with bold cheese and simple bread), cucumber (super fresh) with creamy herbed cream cheese, Provolone cheese with Breasola (Italian, air-dried, aged, salted beef), and the Salmon.  My favorite:  the Chicken Salad. 

Tea Sandwiches

THE SCONE.  Ah, the Scone.  Never will you ever find a scone that is an equal to these scones.  Most scones are dry, hard, dense, compact.  St. Regis currant scones are consistently light, airy, moist.  They are the most divine scone on the plant Earth.  I kid you not!  These delicious treats make me so happy.  Served with Devonshire Cream (foodie fact:  Devonshire cream is produced in the Southwestern part of England, in the counties of Somerset, Cornwall, and Devon).  If you are really, really nice to the servers, sometimes they'll give you an extra scone!

Currant Scone with Devonshire Cream

Dessert.  I know, you'd think the delectable scone would be enough.  But, nope, Afternoon Tea comes with a 3rd Course!  Dessert.  Today it included a fruit tart (tasty vanilla custard with fresh berries), cream puff (light), and the best of the 3, in my opinion, the key lime tart (tart and sweet at once, with a dense, rich meringue on top).

Dessert Pastries

No Afternoon Tea is complete without Champagne.  House Bubbles: Chandon ($14 a glass).


The St. Regis never, ever disappoints.  Always classy, elegant, sophisticated.  Excellent, excellent service.  A beautiful harpist plays in the background.  The ambiance is second to none.  I treasure my Tea Times. 

Price:  Usually $35 for Afternoon Tea.  During Christmas Time, the price changes to $40 for Holiday Tea.

Food Fact: Afternoon Tea is the correct term for dainty teas in the afternoon, not High Tea.  Many folks get confused.  Afternoon Tea is what is traditionally thought of when referring to Tea with sandwiches and scones, as described above.  Historically, Afternoon Tea was served in the afternoon to help ease hunger before dinner.  High Tea is actually more of a meal, serving heavier foods including meat, egg, fish dishes, and served later in the day at about 6:00 pm.

The St. Regis Houston
1919 Briar Oaks Lane
Houston, Texas 77027

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