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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Jus' Mac ...back for more

As I promised myself a few weeks ago, I was going back to Jus' Mac to try the Fried Mac Balls.  I did. ($4.95). Hello Deliciousness on a Skillet!  The mac and cheese inside the perfectly crusted and lightly fried balls was soft and creamy.  An excellent contrast and texture.  And, the flavor...Yum.

Served with marinara sauce AND melted cheese.  Oh my goodness.  Fried Mac and Cheese Balls dipped in melted cheesy heaven-ness.  Yummmmmmm.

Fried Mac & Cheese Balls

Here is what the All American Mac & Cheese looks like below.  American blend of cheeses topped with Colby Jack.  Mild and cheesy.  Pasta perfectly al dente!  ($5.95)

All American Mac & Cheese

Now, to kick up that good old fashioned Mac & Cheese -- we ordered the Chili Cheese Mac & Cheese ($6.95).  Mac & Cheese topped with chili, Colby Jack, and bread crumbs...and Fritos!  So, to summarize....Mac and Cheese meets Frito Pie.  Hello Tasty Goodness!  The chili had great beef flavor.  It did have beans, so if you are a particular Texan where beans should just not be part of chili, well, take a breath, it was really savory!  Very delicious.  Very satisfying.  Very filling.  Very delectable.

Chili Cheese Mac & Cheese

As one of my dining partners said, if all they are going to serve is Mac & Cheese, it better be really good.  And, I'm SO happy to say, it really is THAT good! 

Jus' Mac
2617 Yale Street
Houston, Texas 77008

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