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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sam's Deli Diner

Sam's Deli Diner is known for their burgers.  I have heard about them through Houston Chowhounds.  And, they were also nominated for "Favorite Burger" for the My Table Houston Culinary Awards 2010.  And, happily, I live near Sam' off I went to try one of their famous burgers.

Their location is relatively new; their previous location moved across I-10 during the Katy Freeway Construction.  Their store is long and narrow, although they are in the process of expanding the eatery for additional seating.  Nothing fancy about Sam's -- paper plates and plastic ware.  Patties and fries are not made in-house, but the food is pretty good and the staff was extremely nice, friendly, and efficient (because they do alot of business).  And, the prices are super wallet-friendly!

I ordered the Cheeseburger.  Very traditional.  The cheese wasn't melty, but all was good.  The veggies were very fresh.  The lettuce remained crisp -- not wilted at all from the heat of the patty.  ($3.70)


The hotdog was simple.  Chili and cheese are options, but we went plain.  The dog had an excellent beefy flavor.  It was a bargain for $1.90.


The Bacon, Mushroom, Swiss Burger encompassed LOTS of bacon, mushrooms, and swiss.  This was no sissy burger.  A man's burger, so I was told.  ($6.10).

Bacon, Mushroom, Swiss Burger

The Fries.  Their seasoned fries were excellent.  Great flavor.  The regular fries needed salt.  But no complaints from me...salt is easy to add. ($1.50)

Seasoned Fries

I did not try a shake on this trip, but the shakes looked really good.  Handmade with Blue Bell ice cream in a variety of flavors from Peppermint and Cookies and Cream to good old fashioned chocolate and vanilla ($2.95, $3.80, and $4.65).  While I still think Beck's Prime has the best burger, I will head back to Sam's.  For the prices and the efficient service, you can't beat them.

Sam's Deli Diner
11637 Katy Freeway (at Kirkwood)
Houston, Texas 77079

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  1. We ate at the Katy location tonight. It was absolutely horrible. I wonder if it's run by the same people. I got the mushroom and swiss. I ate two bites and then just ate the mushrooms. The hamburger patty was obviously preformed and frozen. The consistency was very strange and gross. Also, the sweet as well as regular tea was spoiled. That didn't help things.