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Sunday, December 19, 2010


I've seen so much PR buzz on TQLA that I was super interested in trying this new eatery on Washington.  I was so NOT disappointed.  The atmosphere is hip and contemporary with warm tones that embrace you upon entry. High-end Tex Mex with a gazillion tequilas.  Worth your trip, for sure.  Go try it and see!


TQLA has 170 Tequilas available -- yes 170!  With 5 tequilas on tap (yes, on tap...who knew one can even imagine tequila on tap -- my college keg days have come a long way....).

We sampled a few, including the El Jimador (spicy, vanilla, sweet) - $7.00.  And, the TQLA Original ($6.75).  I ordered the later on the rocks, and it was totally rockin'.  Super smooth and super fresh.  (Aguavales 100% Blue Agave Tequila, orange liqueur and fresh lime juice).  YUMMY!

TQLA Original Margarita

El Jimador

Oh, yes, they have food, too.  And, it was very impressive.   The Queso Blanco with Poblanos (actually made with 3 cheeses) was velvety-smooth.  I could swim in it.  So thick, yet light and happy. 

Queso Blanco with Pablanos

The Todos Santos Nachos -- chips topped with roasted corn (love corn on nachos -- how come more tex-mex eateries do not do this?!?), black beans, jalapeno queso, salsa fresca, Mexican crema and guacamole - $8.50 (added chicken to mine - $3.00 extra).  Delicious, Yum-o Nachos.  Different than the standard nacho fare.  More gourmet, but not fussy at all.  Very enjoyable.  Also, the plate served up cabbage instead of lettuce.  Loved that!

Todos Santos Nachos

The Habanero Jerked Chicken Breast was described to us as their spiciest dish.  And, it was pretty darn hot!  My dining companion, who can eat fire, said it wasn't hot.  So, clearly the hot-scale is subjective.  But, this diner found it spicy!  The chicken was very tender and the Caribbean rice on the side was marvelous! ($14.95).

Habanero Jerked Chicken Breast

Finally, the Ensenada Chicken Enchiladas.  They were my least favorite item ordered.  The enchiladas contained some dark meat -- I'm not a dark meat fan.  That's one of those subjective things again.  Also, the enchiladas were not super cheesy.  I'm pretty sure that is by design, and maybe the fact that I grew up eating Molina's food is my down fall in getting out my tex-mex comfort zone.  Great tomatillo sauce on these puppies!  And, the caramelized onions were divine.  ($11.25)

Ensenada Chicken Enchiladas

I recommend TQLA to anyone and everyone.  While they cater to a younger crowd, anyone who enjoys excellent food and tequilas will appreciate this establishment.  The ingredients are entirely and perfectly fresh.  The service was fantastic -- knowledgeable and friendly.  Oh, and the place was super know I like my eateries clean!  I look forward to going back soon!  Cheers!

4601 Washington Avenue
Houston, Texas 77007

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