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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Eddie V's -- City Centre

I tried the Eddie V's at West Avenue back in December, I was ho-hum on whether I'd ever return there.  But, I thought I'd give the Eddie V's at City Centre a try this go around.  Did I just have one isolated bad experience at West Avenue?  Is the City Centre location better.  Hmmmmm...I wanted to see.

We started with the Gulf Oysters ($12.90).  Beautiful presentation.  Fresh. Savory.  A nice rich flavor.  A good amount of salty flavor, but not over done.  A nice way to start the meal.

Gulf Oysters

Another starter included the Maine Lobster & Shrimp Bisque with cream and cognac ($7.90).  Anything with cream and cognac has to be delicious, right?  I love those two words:  cream and cognac.  However, this soup was anything but.  It was not creamy.  It was not rich.  It was too thin.  There was no bite to it.  Very disappointing.

Maine Lobster and Shrimp Bisque

I ordered the Chilled Colossal Shrimp Cocktail back in December at the other Eddie V's.  It was very disappointing previously.  But, this time around it at this location, the shrimp were delicious.  Delicate.  Fresh.  Tender.  Very light.  The dish made me smile ($13.90).  And the melon-jicama slaw was fresh, crispy, light, and spicy! Yum. 

Our table also ordered the Wok-Seared and Sliced Pacific Ahi with soba noodles and shitake stir-fry ($12.90).  My dining companion ordered the tuna rare and it was cooked perfectly.  The noodles, broth, and mushroom stir-fry were the perfect marriage and balance of flavors.  A delicate and light dish.

Wok-Seared and Sliced Pacific Ahi

Sadly, the Broiled Jumbo Georges Bank Sea Scallops (wrapped in bacon and broiled with a tomato-basil butter sauce - $26.90) was extremely disappointing.  Sadness.  Chewy and mealy, with no bold taste, the bacon on these guys really overpowered the dish. 

Broiled Jumbo Georges Bank Sea Scallops

On side dishes, we were half and half.  The sugar snap peas (with black and white sesame seeds) were the best sugar snap peas I have ever tasted.  Crisp tender.  No stringiness.  Delicious flavor.  The au gratin potatoes were a little thin in the cheese sauce and light on flavor.

However, we finished our meal with the Hot "Bananas Foster" Butter Cake with butter pecan ice cream ($7.95).  Oh. My. Gosh.   Let me rephrase:  Oh.  My.  Gosh.  This is what I'm talking about!  This is what I expect from Eddie V's.  This was amazing.  This was Divine.  The cake is served with a flaming sauce, a nod to its parent in traditional Bananas Foster.  This heavenly delight was salty and sweet.  Caramelized.  Dense and chewy, yet soft inside thanks to the buttercake.  The outside had a crunch to it from the flames.  A pretty phenomenal way to end.

Hot "Bananas Foster" Butter Cake

All in all...mixed emotions on Eddie V's.  Two ho-hum experiences at two different locations.  However, the service was spot-on perfect.  But, some of our dishes were really disappointing.  For the amount of money we spent, I think Houston has some better options.

Eddie V's - City Centre
12848 Queensbury Lane
Houston, Texas 77024

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