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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Onion Creek Coffeehouse, Bar & Lounge

What a beautiful day to try a place with lots of outside seating!  The weather today is fabulous and patio seating is just what I wanted.  We headed to Onion Creek in The Heights for some casual fare in the beautiful sunshine. 

Outside at Onion Creek

Where to begin with the disappointments?  First, it took almost 1 hour to get our food served to our table.  Yes, One Hour.   And, it was not worth the wait.  At all.  Okay, let me start from the beginning.  At Onion Creek (like its sister eateries - Cedar Creek, Dry Creek, and Canyon Creek), ordering is done at the counter.  The lines were long, but moved quickly.  And, the staff behind the counter was nice and helpful.

Inside at Onion Creek

But, an hour later, - an hour later - when the food did arrive, we were disappointed in the quality, overall lack of flavor, and high prices for nothing special.  First, up, the Greek Salad ($8.50 - not including chicken).  Nothing extraordinary.  Fresh-ish greens and ingredients.  But, so ho-hum on flavor.

Greek Salad

Next, we sampled the Cheese Pizza ($8.00) -- two cibatta bread slices with provolone, mozzarella, and white cheddar with tomato sauce.  Again, nothing fabulous to report.  Too much breading.  Not enough flavor. 

Cheese Pizza

Moving on to the Texas Frito Pie ($5.00).   Its hard to mess up a Frito Pie.  The flavor was good, but not much chili or fixins'.  Mostly chips, which was a bummer.

Texas Frito Pie

Finally, The Texican Burger ($7.95) -- mustard, yellow cheddar, jalapenos, lettuce, tomato, and pickles.  Thank goodness for the mustard and pickles, because they were the saving flavor grace of this burger.  The meat itself had zero flavor.  It wasn't moist.  Not even greasy.  What a disappointment.  And, do you know -- again, no surprise to me as I put zippo credibility in Texas Monthly's food reviews -- but the magazine actually rated Onion Creek as one of the 50 best burgers.  I completely disagree with that.

The Texican Burger

Two more complaints:  the scone I tried (blueberry and oatmeal-ish type of scone) ($2.00) was the worst scone I have ever eaten.  And, the beer on tap - was cool-ish.  Beer on tap should be ice cold, not cool-ish.  While the weather was beautiful and my dining company was fabulous, the meal and venue left a lot to be desired.  I'm not going back. 

Onion Creek Coffeehouse, Bar & Lounge
3106 White Oak
Houston, Texas 77007

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