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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Frosted Bakery

The website was super cute.  Pink and Brown.  Cute pictures.  Cute cake designs.  Cute motto:  "Because Life is Sweet."  I was so excited about trying this bakery in Northwest Houston.   But the physical store did not live up to the cute website.  I felt duped.  The cupcake selection was minimal, and there was no cute interior in which to sit and enjoy my sweet confections.  Sigh.....    

We tried almost everything they had on hand (which was not much).  Starting with the Vanilla Cupcake with buttercream icing (but it wasn't buttercream, it was white icing.  Which yes, is different).  The darker blue icing was very bitter, due to the food coloring.  The lighter blue icing was better.  But, a paltry amount of frosting.  I mean, cover the cupcake top for goodness sakes!  The cake itself was somewhere in between super dry and not so moist.  Not off to a good start.  Sigh.....

Vanilla Cupcakes

Next up, the Mint Chocolate Chip Cupcake.  The dark chocolate cake had chunks of mint chocolate inside (yummy), but, the cake was very dry.  And, I was expecting the frosting to be mint flavored.  I mean, it's green! (More like lime green to me, leading me to a craving for a Key Lime Cupcake, but I digress).  The frosting was indeed neon green, but not mint flavored.   The Italian Cream Cupcake was also super dry.  It was actually almost hard when trying to cut into it.  The coconut was nicely roasted and had nice flavor, but this cupcake did not impress me.   Finally, the Banana Split Cupcake.  This little cake was the moistest of all we sampled.  The banana icing was a nice balance with the banana flavored cake.   This cupcake was our favorite -- but, at this point, I'm not sure how much of a recommendation that is.

Banana Split, Italian Cream, and Mint Chocolate Chip Cupcakes

We also sampled the Sugar Cookies.   Cute and tasty.   These treats were maybe the best of the bakery.

Decorated Sugar Cookies

I'll drive far and wide for good food.  But, I will not drive to Frosted Bakery again.  Sigh....

Frosted Bakery
17001 FM 529
Houston, Texas 77095


  1. Hello! My husband and I took over Frosted about two months ago and have made some huge changes to the recipes and store and were wondering if there was any way for us to get you to come in and try our new stuff????? We were also unimpressed with the quality of the cupcakes and have been working tirelessly to make some drastic improvement and would really love some feedback

  2. Hey there Devour Houston...just came across your blog...too bad I didn't see it and all the other "not so great" posts about Frosted Bakery a year ago.

    I just left Frosted Bakery and have to say...very disappointed in the management style and unprofessionalism of the "new" owner Jen. I was less than satisfied about a cake I had ordered for my daughters birthday...and didn't even get to the cake part..but since you commented on it..I'll chime in as well...I'm not sure if you have visted again from your Apr 3 visit last year (I see it took the "new" owner only 6 months to try and redeem herself) (insert sarcasm here)but they have changed...they've gone DOWN HILL!! I didn't realize they got new owners which would explain the dry cake, the awful artwork and horrible customer service...they made some HUGE changes and changed the recipes alright...If you are looking for a good cupcake and great pastries...try OOH LA LA...that is where I have been going and they are awesome!!! I oredered some very plain cupcakes for my daughters birthday party at school last week and I was impressed..awesome icing (not shortening icing...and YES, there is a difference from Buttercream)and the decor was cute...and that was the minis...their regular sized cupcakes rock the house...and if you like red velvet...THIS IS YOUR PLACE!!! OOH LA LA IS AWESOME!!! Frosted Bakery is the ....well, you know! Good Luck in your endeavor for fabulous food!