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Saturday, October 30, 2010

"All About Wine" Lunch

What is better than a lunch revolving around the yummiest wines?  And, I don't mean like a wine dinner where the courses are paired to bring out the best in the wine and vice versa.  I mean, a lunch where the whole purpose is to drink preeminent wines, oh and then you can partake in delectable and savory food as a side.   Well, that is what I did on Friday. 

A huge thank you to a great friend who included me an unforgettable lunch, I was able to sample some really fun, amazing grape juices.  Here is what I took away:

Domaine Weinbach Muscat 2008.
-$40 a bottle retail.
-Delicate. Feminine. Light.
-Floral. Aromatic.
-Great Aperitif.
-Drink with spicy food or fatty foods like foie gras or duck.
-I personally think it would be great to sip by the pool!

Nicolas Jaboulet Hermitage 2008.
-$100 a bottle retail.
-70% Marsanne
-30% Roussane
-Mint. Stone.  Flint.

Soter Brut Rose 2005.
-$60 a bottle retail.
-100% Pinot Noir.
- Rich. Raspberries.
-Clean Finish.
-Super Delicious.
-I would bathe in this stuff.

Pommery Brut Rose Non-Vintage.
-$70 a bottle retail.
-70% Chardonnay
-30% Pinot Noir
-Yeasty.  Not overbearing.
-Well blended.  Clean finish.
-Brioche. Cream.  Champagne grapes.

Peregrine Pinot Noir. 2007.
-$35 a bottle retail.
-Otago Region, New Zealand.
-New World Pinot Noir.
-Blackberry.  Blackberry.  Currant.
-Clean finish.

Pommard Pinot Noir 2005.
-$50 a bottle retail.
-Heavier fruits -- Red Cherry.
-Old World Pinot Noir.
-I LOVED this delish nectar. 
-It was like a chocolate dessert to me where I just wanted to keep sinking my teeth into.  Heavenly.

Domaine Weinbach Vendages Tardives 2007.
-$200 a bottle retail.
-Dessert wine.
-Higher residual sugar.
-Green Apples.
-Thick in a very happy way.
-Divine. Luscious. I wanted swim in this stuff. 

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  1. Fantastic descriptions! That was a great lunch, hopefully we will all be able to do that again cause you're right, sometimes its better to just enjoy the wine and let food fall into a distant second place.