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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Candelari's Pizzeria

I drive past Candelari's Pizzeria on Washington Avenue often and have wanted to stop in for a while now.  I love pizza.  I mean, I really, really love pizza.  Pizza makes me happy.  Although, Candelari's pizza didn't really make me so happy.  Athough many positives and a good deal on the buffet...

At lunch, Candelari's offers a buffet (or you may order from the menu).  We opted for the buffet ($8.95/adult; $5.95/child).  The buffet offered about 6 various pizzas at a time, 2 pasta dishes (Rigatoni Rustica and another rigatoni pasta), 3 salads (green, caesar, and a tomato, cucumber, bean salad with a creamy buttermilk dressing), sliced watermelon and cantaloupe, and chocolate chip cookies (and a drink).

The pasta was hearty with pleasing flavors and lots of sausage.  The rigatoni pasta was cooked well at al dante.  Ingredients all fresh.  The veggies were crisp and colorful.   And, actually, the chocolate chip cookies were pretty delish.

The pizzas.  Well, that is where I am left a little flat.  And, actually, pun intended...the crusts were just flat, literally.  No oomph.  Doughy.  Soft.  No crispness.  Candelari's offers thin or thick crusts.  I am normally a fan of thin crusts....if they are actually crisp.  The Candelari thin crusts were just scant and flimsy without much flavor.  The thicker crusts added more to each bite, but were still dough and soft. 

(Above pizzas: Pepperoni Thin Crust - left; T-Rex Thick Crust - right).

The toppings on the pizzas were tasty, though.  Hearty portions of meats.  Nicely seasoned, nicely spicy, savory sausages, pepperoni, and bacons.  Again, veggies were fresh.  Cheese fresh.  It is that darn crust that lost me.  Otherwise, I would be a Candelari convert. 

Candelari's Pizzeria
Several Locations around Greater Houston

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