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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Kraftsmen Baking

I headed to Kraftsmen Baking on a beautiful day to grab a sandwich.  Parking is tight, but I lucked out and found a place right in front.  The eatery is located in an old brick building tucked in between buildings from the University of St. Thomas.  Small inside, but there is seating available outside under huge, beautiful oak trees.  A perfect setting for a perfect weather day. 

I ordered the Green Gobbler ($8.25 - sandwich and chips).  The Green Gobbler, made on their Biologique Bread (aka: multigrain bread), was comprised of turkey, provolone, green apple sliced thinly, alfalfa sprouts with an apple butter.  The sandwich was fairly sweet, then I realized they forgot to slap on the provolone.  After I asked and received it, the cheese did add an additional salty texture to the sweetness of the sandwich. The ingredients were extremely fresh and the bread was soft.

I also partook in their sweets - I mean, it is called "Kraftsmen Baking" after all!  First up, The Brownie.  My Love.  Although, I'm not a fan of taking a brownie straight out of the cold frig (they did), The Brownie was very fudgy.  Very chocolatey.  Dense.  I loved the homemade flavor of the butter and melted chocolate.  It was large ($2.95).  A good value.  Happiness. I wasn't as stoked with the cookies ($2.00 each) -- Chocolate Chip and Peanut Butter.  The chocolate chip cookie was way too crisp and thin for me.  I like cookies a little softer and at least a little thicker.  Could have used more chocolate chips, too.  But the flavor was yummy.  The peanut butter cookie was better - a little softer.  Excellent pb flavor to savor.

There are many great places to grab a quick sandwich...will I go back to Kraftsmen Baking?  I will if the weather is beautiful because Kraftsmen provided the perfect setting for outside eating.  And, The Brownie was satisfying, too!

Kraftsmen Baking
4100c Montrose
Houston, Texas 77006

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