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Sunday, February 27, 2011


While my heart belongs to The Chocolate Bar, I would be remiss if I did not mention Candylicious.  This close sister (in proximity and mission) is another heaven for those who like to devour the sweet pleasures of life.  While the focus is not necessarily chocolate (although they do carry chocolate items, too), it is other candies such as gummy bears, Pez candies, jelly beans, candy cigarettes (remember those!), and giant lollipops that take center stage.  And, this is mentioning but just a few tantalizing options.

Inside Candylicious, you really do feel like a kid in a candy store -- no matter your age.  You wander the store looking for that perfect treat...more wandering produces frustrating and confusing questions -- the more wandering you do, the more the choices confuse you!  What options do I narrow my purchase down to?  I want the color M&Ms, and the giant Tootsie Roll,  and the Hello Kitty candy, and the Skybar, and the 3 pound bag of Gummy Bears, and the princess Pez dispenser....  And, so it goes.  A trip to Candylicious is a fun trip down memory lane and destination for sweet treats!

1837 West Alabama     OR   2515 University Boulevard
Houston, Texas 77098           Houston, Texas 77005
713-529-6500                       713-874-1988

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  1. The store is so pretty with all the different colors. Question--any penny candy, or how were the prices? I am looking for Pixie Sticks those striped sticks filled with powdered tart sugar and will just have to make a trip down here sometime. Enjoyed the post.