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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Little Miss Cupcake

Little Miss Cupcake won the 2010 My Table Houston Culinary Award for Favorite Food Truck.  Little Miss Cupcake, aka, Emily Giffin, is ordinary parked in Galveston at the Seawall and 33rd Street.  I have been waiting for my path to take me right to Little Miss Cupcake...and today it did!

Owner Emily Giffin is the sweetest (no pun intended) person around.  Helpful, energetic, happy, smiley...all the things you'd hope for and expect in a cupcake baker.  The cupcake truck is cute and pink. I was super excited about finally tasting her confections....

Little Miss Cupcake

Little Miss Cupcake has four regular flavors and also offers weekly specials.  Today she was, sadly, out of the Lemon with Creamcheese icing.  But, I did sample each of the four regular flavors.  Her cupcakes are $2.50 each.  

First up, the Berry Bomb (strawberry cake with cream cheese frosting).  The cake was very moist (usually hard to find in a commercial cupcake).   Little pieces of strawberry in the batter.  The cake reminded me of, well, a  Betty Crocker/Duncan Hines box mix.  Wait, before you get all crazy, I happen to really like box mixes -- they are consistent, never disappoint, and are always moist.  And, this was a moist cupcake.   The cream cheese icing was not particularly sweet -- making it a nice contrast to the sweet strawberry cake.  The icing was a little thin, and I would have liked more frosting piped on top of the pretty pink confection.

Berry Bomb

Next up, the Beach Bum (butter cake with chocolate frosting).  Again, very moist cake.  Again, reminded me of BC or DH.  The chocolate frosting had nice flavor and consistency.  Not too sweet, but definitely a milk chocolate frosting.  Again, I wanted more frosting so the ratio of icing to cake was on more equal footing.  This cupcake was like an old fashioned diner cake.  It was also my overall favorite cupcake.

Beach Bum

Thirdly, Chocolate Ocean.  Triple chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting.  Excellent, delicious, dense, chocolatey cake.  Moist.  Yummy.  Same cream cheese icing as the first cupcake sampled.  This cake was my favorite cake that I sampled today.  I bet the cupcake is really good with chocolate frosting!

Chocolate Ocean

Beached Blonde

My parting thoughts are this: Little Miss Cupcake has a good deal for $2.50 a cupcake.  I do think that she is a little heavy on offering cream cheese icings -- where is a good, simple buttercream?   

Also, I don't think these cupcakes are particularly gourmet, but they are really cute -- and moist! -- and are so fun and perfect for picking up while strolling along the beach.  I also think she'd be a truly fun addition to a party -- a cupcake truck!  Seriously!   Plus, Emily is really nice and will deliver to Houston for as small of an order as one dozen cupcakes.  I love supporting small business -- and cupcakes.  Totally worth tracking her down when you are in Galveston next.

Little Miss Cupcake
Currently at the Seawall and 33rd Street
Galveston, Texas
Check her out on Facebook:!/pages/Little-Miss-Cupcake/269786130747


  1. I think she has such a novel idea and will have to get down to the Seawall to try a few of her cupcakes.

  2. We just had our first Little Miss Cupcake today. They were in the Heights. We had the Lemon with Buttercream frosting-it was amazing!!!