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Houston has so many incredible food establishments...from sumptuously designed restaurants to fun storefronts selling gourmet cookies. From Mexican Food Carts to the Best BBQ in the World. And...I want to expore it one bite at a time.

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Paulie's is a neighborhood restaurant/cafe in Montrose that is casual (order at the counter) and friendly.  Their menu ranges from soups and sandwiches to pizza, ossobucco, and roasted salmon.  But, today I am focusing on their cookies -- and I tried their bread pudding!

I've ordered Paulie's Shortbread cookies over the years for fun, special occasions ($3.00 each).  They have never disappointed me.  The cookies are soft and tender.  Buttery.  Excellent shortbread.  Thick enough to sink my teeth into and feel satisfied, but not too thick as to be tough and dense.  The icing is subtle, adding an additional flavor and texture, but not distracting from the actual cookie.  Plus, Paulie's does a great job decorating.  I tried a Valentine cookie, while I was there to pick my own special order.

Valentine Shortbread Cookie

My special order:  Mallard Ducks -- and they didn't disappoint.  I'm not sure Paulie's had done Mallards before I special ordered them, but they were precious.  And, of course, tasted just as delicious as always, and as expected.

Mallard Duck Shortbread Cookie

I also tried their Panini Bread Pudding with Amaretto Syrup ($4.25).  It was moist and warm, not mushy.  The Amaretto flavored syrup (not a thicker sauce) was delicious with amaretto prominent, but not over the top strong.  A good amount of cinnamon was present within the bread pudding -- a good ratio of the spice to the dessert.  The bread pudding was satisfying and substantial.  My only complaints were that I wanted more of the soft raisins in the bread, along with another dose of the syrup.  That syrup was delicious and really made the dessert, of course, as is typical with bread pudding.  I need more amaretto!

Panini Bread Pudding with Amaretto Syrup

I recommend Paulie's particularly for their shortbread cookies.  But, while you are there, make sure you have some lunch/dinner or other treat.  The staff is always friendly and helpful.  The cafe is just a nice, casual, happy place. 

1834 Westheimer
Houston, Texas 77098

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