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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Philippe Restaurant & Lounge

I was super excited about trying the new Philippe in the BLVD place on Post Oak Boulevard.  (Almost next door to RDG).  The buzz surrounding Philippe has been big, so off I went....

Let me ruin the ending...yes, I liked it.  I think it has huge potential.  While not perfect, pretty darn close. 

I loved the entrance.  The eatery is two story (like RDG).  But, the downstairs area (the bar) is extremely inviting.  Walking up the stairs seems to be a narrative in itself, nice carpeting, a landing, stone wall with candles.  You first set your sights on the private room...then the host stand.  Then the upstairs bar with white marble counter.... Very inviting.

Philippe Lounge (downstairs)

The decor is minimal.  Neutral colors.  Yet, many textures.  The ceiling in the main dining area is a cross between clouds and really soft bedding.  I loved it! (Not sure that the picture below really does it justice).  The eatery is high energy, relevant, and hip, yet comforting and relaxing.  I really liked the vibe.  The service was friendly and knowledgeable.  The menu was full of fun, tantalizing choices.  I had a really hard time deciding between pizza, salads, sandwiches, mussels and fries, and lobster ravioli.  

Main Dining Room (with cool ceiling)

So, I ordered the Hot Press sandwich with chicken, gouda, and whole wheat bread ($15).  The bread was very toasty, but I would not call it "pressed."  The grilled chicken slices were substantial and hearty...also very tender and moist.  The gouda was gooey, but I wanted more of it.  I also wanted a condiment - a garlic aioli, a pesto mayo, a dijon mustard.  Something.  But, it was still good, just could have been better.  It came with the choice of fries or side salad.  I opted for the side salad, which comprised of very fresh field greens with yummy, zippy, refreshing citrus vinaigrette. 

Hot Press with Chicken and Gouda

My dining companion ordered the All-Natural Chicken with honey-rosemary glaze, couscous and garlic confit pan gravy ($17).   The couscous was light and airy and had nice flavor.  The gravy was flavorful.  The chicken was extremely moist and tender.  The vegetables on the side (carrots, squash, and potatoes) were a little too tender -- no crispness, but their flavor was still good.  The chicken dish was very good, but needed a kick of something.

All-Natural Chicken

No dessert this time.  But, I'm going back for that...and some wine.  The dessert menu had more tantalizing and tempting choices.  From Crispy meringue with pistachio ice cream and grapefruit ($7) to Butterscotch Parfait with chocolate shortbread and dulce de leche ($7).  See....VERY tempting indeed.  Anyone up for dessert?

Philippe Restaurant & Lounge
1800 Post Oak Boulevard
Houston, Texas 77056

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  1. I'd be interested in knowing whether they have any vegetarian dishes