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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Gorditas Mexico - Galveston

Gorditas Mexico Restaurant in Galveston is right along the Seawall with a great view of the ocean.  Whether you opt to sit inside or on their patio, the water is right there, almost in touching distance.  Super, great, relaxing!  The service was friendly.  Our waitress was pleasant and helpful.

The atmosphere is fairly authentic for a heavy tourist area of Galveston.  Spanish language TV and music on the juke box.  And, the prices were very reasonable.   The food, however, was a little less thrilling.  We started with some chili con queso ($3.99) which had decent flavor, but was very, very thin.  I like my queso thicker and velvety.  This was runny and watery.  It's hard to get a good scoop of cheese on a chip if the queso just slides off!  I also found the queso greasy due to the beef -- and there wasn't much beef inside the serving of queso anyway.  Bummer.

Chili con Queso with meat

We also ordered margaritas ($3.95) (we were offered only one margarita option -- no margarita menu and they only serve them on the rocks) .  The margarita, too, was weak and watery.  No zing.  Nothing refreshing about it.  No true lime flavor.  The margaritas left us flat.  Bored.  Disappointed.


The Nachos con Carne ($7.99) were okay-ish.  We ordered ours with chicken fajita...and they arrived with beef fajita meat.  Ooopsss.  We didn't make a fuss and ate them anyway.  The meat was very tender and had good flavor.  The nachos also came with a generous amount of the beef and guacamole.  The nachos were nothing stellar, but acceptable with plenty of melted cheese and refried beans.

Nachos con Carne

The Tex Mex Cheese Enchiladas ($7.99) were the cheesiest cheese enchiladas ever.  And, really, can one say anything but great things about super melty cheesy enchiladas?  The refried beans were also yummy with a true bean flavor.  Not alot of substitutions or fillers -- great, true refried beans.  The rice was not as flavorful, but light and fluffy nonetheless.

Tex Mex Cheese Enchiladas

Finally, the Tacos al Carbon (Chicken) ($7.99).  They left me, well, a tad sad that I had ordered them.  Although the chicken was tender;  it lacked flavor.  It lacked seasoning of any kind.  The pico de gallo was fresh and spicy, and clearly a BIG help to the taco; however, I still felt that the dish was missing something important.   I just felt cheated.  Which is about how I would describe the restaurant in general. 

Tacos al Carbon - Chicken

While nothing was inherently bad about Gorditas Mexico, nothing was particularly amazing either.  In general, the dishes lacked pizazz, seasoning, zip, and flavor.  We felt disappointed and short changed that our meal wasn't a step higher.  And despite the fact that the prices were reasonable and the staff friendly, I just don't think I need to return to this eatery.  I'll keep searching for that certain Zing.

Gordtias Mexico
712 Seawall Boulevard
Galveston, Texas 77550

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  1. Great to see you down in the Bay area. Don't foget the Barbed Rose Steak house in Alvin as well as Haak Winery--two places I have not been but curious about.