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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Moon Tower Inn

To set the tone:  Moon Tower Inn's website address is ""  Any questions?  Already off to a great start!  From the descriptions I had read, I was expecting a little more Harley Davidson, but instead got a lot more Grateful Dead.  The eatery looks like it was transplanted from South Austin -- but conveniently located on the East Side of OUR Downtown. 

Moon Tower Inn

Super cool fun atmosphere.  The entire place is outside -- order at the outdoor counter.  There are tables outside under a cover and a large grassy area with picnic tables, fire pit, and horseshoe pits.

Moon Tower Inn

Moon Tower Inn serves sodas, bottled water, and beer.  All beer is from the micro brew genre.  I ordered a Blond Bombshell (as I am fairly much a wuss and it was their lightest).  And....loved it.  Perfect compliment to the gorgeous day and outside venue.  It was on tap, but one of my dining partners ordered an IPA bottle.  Note perfect koozie.

Perfect Koozie

Moon Tower Inn serves hot dogs, and only hot dogs (well, and potato chips).  And, really, they are not hot dogs at all, but sausages.  Very unique sausages -- you won't find any beef here.   All hot dogs are served on a pretzel bun.  Fairly soft, but hearty and thick enough to stand up to these really big sausages.  While the buns didn't necessarily taste like a soft pretzel, I thought they were very yummy!  Also, Moon Tower Inn offered 4 different condiments -- 2 mustards (honey and spicy), a mayo, and black pepper ketchup.  We went with the ketchup and it was super tasty.  As it states - it was ketchup with black pepper, and very peppery -- but a really nice balance of the two.   All dogs $6.

First up, "Piggie Smalls" -- Wild boar with cranberry.  I did not taste the cranberry, but the dog was really delicious.  Closest to traditional sausage.  Crunchy outside.  Plump.  Good pork flavor. 

Piggie Smalls

Next, the "Talilamb" -- Lamb sausage/hot dog with Mideast spice.  It was the juiciest of our 3 choices.   Finally, we had the "Ghettobird" - pheasant with cognac.  This one was the lightest of the three. 

Ghettobird and Talilamb

In summary, cool, fun, very casual, laid back, friendly spot.  Only open late afternoon to late night (not lunch).  Credit cards accepted.   I plan to go back, sip on a Blond Bombshell and nibble on a Piggie Smalls.

Moon Tower Inn
3004 Canal Street
Houston, Texas 77002

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