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Houston has so many incredible food establishments...from sumptuously designed restaurants to fun storefronts selling gourmet cookies. From Mexican Food Carts to the Best BBQ in the World. And...I want to expore it one bite at a time.

Sunday, September 26, 2010


Beaver's is billed as "Gastropub meets Texas Icehouse."  Very appropriate.  While the establishment is very casual, it does have a wonderful air of sophistication that most burger joints do not emanate.   The decor embodies rustic style meets refinement, clean lines and simplicity. 

The talent behind Beaver's is deep and impressive, starting with Monica Pope (James Beard Award winner and owner of T'afia).  The establishment buys meats and produce locally.   Dishes are seasonal.  Also, the staff was extremely friendly.  The service was quick, but not rushed or forced. 

The Food: very delish.  First up: we tried the Fried Pickels ($7) (appetizer).   For a fried food, the dish was light.  A good size of a quartered pickel inside the yummy batter.  Served with Chipotle Ranch, for a little kick.

The Pan Fried Chicken Livers ($6) (appetizer) were cooked with golden raisins, sesame seeds, and tomatilla salsa.  The raisins added a great flavor and texture to the dish.  The contrast was good.  However, the fried flavor of the chicken livers was a little heavy.  We couldn't get past the overly friedness.

My favorite dish of the day was the Brisket Tacos ($13).  Described as braised with chiles, orange, golden raisins and cotija cheese.  It was delicious!  The orange aroma was ever so stubtle, yet the flavor exploded and lasted on my tongue.  I craved this dish the rest of the day.  The golden raisins added a sweet contrast which worked beautifully.  The brisket was served in a corn tortilla, which was an excellent paring.  A small truffled radish salad, extremely fresh and light, was served on the side.  

Would I go back to Beaver's?  Absolutely.  I loved the fresh, seasonal ingredients.  Loved the simple, yet sophisticated (and super clean) ambience.  Loved the friendly, helpful service.  Great place to go with kids or other grown ups. 

2310 Decatur @ Sawyer (near Washington)

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