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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Croissant Brioche

I heard that Croissant Brioche in The Village had some great criossants and eclairs.  So, off we set.  We had to taste.  I had wanted to sink my teeth into a yummy, soft, buttery, chocolately chocolate criossant, but we didn't get there in time.  Sadly, they were sold out.   That is okay, though, because the plain croissant was completely delish!    It was buttery.  It was flakey.  It was soft on the inside with the perfect amount of crunch on the outside.  Adding a little jam was good, but the croissant truly stood great alone.  A good croissant.  I can only imagine how great the chocolate croissants are...

We had to try the eclairs, too.  They had both vanilla cream inside and and chocolate cream filled.  The eclairs were satisifying.  They had a richness to the filling, but not overly so where one is left feeling sick.  The pastry was not dry.  It was not tough.  It was not thick.  These can all be problems that eclairs easily can fall victim to.  We prefered the chocolate filled eclairs.  The chocolate custard had more of mousse consistency.  Yum.  I was impressed with the eclairs. 

Although we specifically went to Croissant Brioche for croissants and eclairs, I had to try their cranberry muffin.  Because, well, I am a sucker  for cranberries.  The muffin was excellent.  It was moist, yet dense enough to hold the muffin together.  It did not crumble.  The cranberries gave the muffin the tartness that I love, and the cake part of the muffin did not get lost by its cranberry counterpart.  The muffin had the right amount of walnuts, too.  Too many nuts can ruin the berry flavor.  That did not happen.  I would happily go back for the cranberry muffin.  And, I hope when I do, they have the chocolately chocolate croissants then, too!

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