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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Jasper's - The Woodlands

Love, love, love going to Market Street in The Woodlands.  And, I especially was excited to try Jasper's right in the middle of the square of Market Street.  The sleek, contemporary, clean-lined interior design of Jasper's is masculine, but not too strong.  It is a nice balance of contemporary sophistication and comfort.  All the staff was extraordinary friendly -- from the hostess to the servers. 

Jasper's describes themselves as "Gourmet Backyard Cuisine," which really just means "All American".  The prices are completely reasonable and affordable.

The soup of the day was the Shiner Bock Barbecue Brisket Chili.  It had a great flavor -- full of barbecue smokey goodness, but not over the top,  a kick of spice lingered on our tongues.  The chili was not chock-full of brisket, but the liquid was hearty in itself. 

The Caesar Salad with grilled chicken was fine.  Nothing fancy or extraordinary.  Or worth mentioning in greater detail ($14)

The Creamy Baked Potato Salad was more delish than the salad for sure.  A hearty potato salad, with large chunks of potatoes.  It was served hot in a small skillet with crispy onions on top.  Melted cheese, bacon, and finely diced chives permeated every nook and cranny of the the potato salad.  Each bite was a mouth full of gooey goodness.  A very substantial side which would pair very nicely with a big meat entree. ($6)

All in all, Jasper's was an enjoyable experience.  Jasper's is one of several restaurants owned by Kent Rathbun, who is a well known restaurateur and chef.  He beat Bobby Flay in an Iron Chef competition.  That said, I would have expected a little more "oomph" from Jasper's.  But, it was still a nice stop for lunch. 

Jasper's - The Woodlands
9595 Six Pines Drive
The Woodlands, Texas 77380

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  1. Do they still have that Iron Chef episode playing on a continuous loop? We were there about a year ago and there were tvs everywhere playing that episode over and over again. Most annoying and it ended up becoming a huge joke. Really, can you be anymore full of yourself?