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Sunday, September 19, 2010


As I drove up to Poscol, I was having a hard time getting past the not-so-fancy strip center in which the restaurant is located.  The center includes a washateria complete with owner yelling at Poscol patrons who park in front of his cleaners.  However, once I finally did enter Poscol, I found a rustic Italian oasis.  The venue is quaint with minimal decor.  Minimal, but not minimalist.  Wooden floors, wooden tables, simple walls and candle light.  Very nice.

Poscol is owned by Marco Wiles (of DeMarco and Dolce Vita).  I found the eatery a great place to enjoy wines and plates of charcuterie and cheeses.  Many of their Salumis (Italian cured meat products) are made in house.  Instead of my usual red or bubbles, I was in the mood for something sweeter and refreshing.  A Special of the Day was the Bellini.  Not a Bellini made in house, but Bellini in a bottle (prosecco and peach puree).  This bottle of Bellini is a staple in Venice, the manager told us.  Well, clearly, I had to try it.  And, I really liked it.  I will buy this bottle of yumminess and serve it at home for brunches or by the pool.  A great alternative to a mimosa.  Yet, even easier...just pop open the bottle.

Our table ordered a sampling of meats and cheeses.  The Prosciutto San Daniel was light, mild flavor, and lean.  Very tasty.   The La Tur cheese (mixed milk of cow, sheep, and goat) exploded with a bold flavor in my mouth.  A creamy cheese, excellent when spread on crusty bread.

The Calamari was not fried, which was a nice change of pace.  The dish was very fresh, not chewy, and contained the perfect amount of spices. 

Our table also sampled the Flat Bread with mixed salad, reggiano and prosciutto.  It was good.  The salad was light.  The actual flat bread reminded us of a Ruffles potato chip.  I expected big things from their Flat Bread...yet I was left feeling flat myself.

I like the ambience of Poscol.   Although, our server left alot to be desiered (she was rude and short with us), the manager was completely delightful and a wealth of knowledge.   All in all, I will go back to Poscol.  However, between Dolce Vita and DeMarco, I think Poscol ranks third among the Marco and Gloria Wiles eateries.  I think the Bellini was the highpoint.

1609 Westheimer

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