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Friday, September 10, 2010

Flora & Muse

I have been waiting for Flora & Muse to open.  I drive through City Centre regularly just to breath in deeply the hipness and urbanness of the mixed use development.  Seriously, I really love it.  I'm thrilled by all the restaurants opening and super pleased that The Tasting Room will be opening at City Centre this coming Spring.   Sorry for the diversion...back to Flora & Muse.  They describe themselves as a European insipired cafe, patisserie, bar, and flower shop.  Pretty terrific combo, huh? 

They just opened their doors this past Saturday, so I will excuse them for being less than perfect.  I loved the flowers, chalkboard, and breads upon entering the front door.  What a Happy Welcome!

The servers behind the counter were very friendly.  Although I was not able to sit down and dine on this trip, I picked up a couple of pastries to sample from the front bakery counter.   First, the Blueberry Scone.  I was so super disappointed.  I think the cafe is darling and want the food to compel others to stay, linger, read the paper, chit chat with their girlfriends over a latte.  I want the place to succeed.

Not with the Blueberry Scone.  On a positive note, the scone had sugar crystals on top, which gave it some crunch.  The rest of the scone was all downhill.  The scone was very doughy.  There was no flavor.  Maybe a hint of blueberry?  But, a hint as in "where is the blueberry?"  A scone should be thicker on the outside, with the inside being softer, yet dense.  These were almost soggy inside and out.  I also tried the Banana Cake.  It was very moist with a very subtle banana flavor (maybe faint? I needed more banana).   The cake had a very sparse, very sad, layer of pecans on top.  The cake could have used more nuts not only for flavor, but for presentation as well. 

All in all, I will try Flora & Muse again because they need time to work out their new restaurant kinks.  Plus, it is cute and charming.

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