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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Cupcakes by Cinnabon

I try to steer clear of Cinnabon at The Mall.   The yummy cinnamon bun store always seems to lure me over with the ever delish smells of drippy, oozy cinnamony frosting on top of the soft, warm cinnamon bun.  You know what I'm sayin'!  Yum!  Of course, the buns are sometimes hard from sitting there all day and the frosting loses its oozing-ness, but let's not focus on that.  In theory, Cinnabons are perfect.  So, when I saw Cinnabon was selling cupcakes, I had to try.

First up, The Cinnacake Classic.  The cupcake was luscious to look at...thick cream cheese icing on top, with a swirl, of course, of cinnamon.  The cake itself had a nice cinnamon essence.  It was, though, fairly dry and crumbled easily.  The icing was very creamy and made up for the dry cupcake.  Next flavor:  Chocolate Passion.  It was another beautifully presented temptation.  Icing piled high on top.  The cupcake was again dry, but it did have a huge wallop of chocolate flavor.  Not too sweet, big on bittersweet, cocoa flavor.  The icing was a sweet chocolaty concoction.  The chocolate cupcake packed a big punch of chocolaty love.  While not, Crave or Sprinkles, this cupcake definitely can take a chocolate craving head on.  Finally, I tried the Vanilla Bliss.  This little cake was the most moist of the 3 choices.  The recipe had a good, mild yellow cake flavor.  The icing did not taste like buttercream (as they claim), but did have a nice spun sugar taste (and was more pleasing than grocery store bakery frostings). However, the vanilla icing was hard and broke off the cupcake. 

All in all, for a mall chain, the cupcakes weren't too bad.  Their piled high icing made for a tempting presentation.   And, at $1.99 for a regular sized cupcake and $ .99 for a mini cupcake, you can afford many more cupcakes to share.  Sweet!

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