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Monday, September 20, 2010

Flora & Muse, Part II

I tried Flora & Muse a couple of weeks ago and was not all that impressed with their pastries.  But, they are the new kids on the City Centre block and I wanted to give them a second chance.  I really want to like them! The eatery is super cute.  And, I love the concept of a European style flower shop, patisserie, restaurant, and bar, all in one.  It is totally girlie with flowers, chandeliers, and the serving of Afternoon Tea. 

Here is how the lunch played out.  After we were seated in the restaurant, we waited at our table for anyone, someone, to notice us.  About 20 minutes later, a server finally took our drink order.  Then, we waited a very, very long time for our lunch order to be taken.  Then, we waited even longer for our food to be served.  I ordered an appetizer which did not even arrive until my entree had been the same time.  After our finished plates sat there on our table for eternity, we again waited and waited and waited for our bill.   Then, we waited and waited for our server to run our credit cards so that we could finally leave.  Two hours later, we left.  Two hours for lunch (which is totally cool with me IF I have wine, dessert, and coffee)!

Tables were not bused.  Dirty dishes, glasses, and napkins just sat there, and sat there, on tables after patrons had left.  Looking at dirty dishes wasn't really the quaint, posh environment I was expecting.   Our server (I think the only one in the restaurant) said they were understaffed.  That was an understatement.  I know 2 managers were there, but I didn't see them hustle much (actually, I didn't really see them at all, and they sure were not offering apologies.  No one did).  I saw other diners shaking their heads at the service as well.

The food. "supposed" appetizer, Mac & Cheese (three cheeses and orechiette pasta) was thin, soupy, cold, and the pasta was mushy.  My main course:  Curried Chicken Salad Tartine was actually refreshing and nice.  Red grapes, slivered almonds, red onion, and celery with a Harissa-Cranberry chutney on top of toasted brioche bread slices.  The side salad that came with it didn't have any dressing though.  My dining partner had the Grilled Chicken which came with the cold, soupy mac & cheese.  The chicken was dry, but the Tomato Salad on the side was fresh and sharp.

I had wanted to try the Chocolate Cherry Bread Pudding, but was afraid it would take another hour if I tried to order it.  By this point, my Diet Coke had already run dry (with no refills), I was out of time, and I was out of patience.

Flora & Muse
@ City Centre
Houston, Texas

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  1. I had the opposite experience just last Tuesday! We had great service, the restaurant was immaculate and the food exceptional! I had the Beef & Bleu flatbread, my friend the Chicken Salad platter. Two thumbs up!!