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Houston has so many incredible food establishments...from sumptuously designed restaurants to fun storefronts selling gourmet cookies. From Mexican Food Carts to the Best BBQ in the World. And...I want to expore it one bite at a time.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

MAM's House of Ice

I found happiness in a trailer in The Heights.  MAM's House of Ice was every bit as delish as I had heard!  The ice is creamy.  Not kidding.  It is so soft and fluffy.  Yum!  Their website describes their snow cones as "New Orleans style soft fluffy snowballs."  Perfect description.  Plus, they have every possible flavor you could dream.  I'm going back to try the Pink Champagne, Wedding Cake, and Cookie Dough flavors.  If I'm brave...I'll order the Dill Pickle flavor....

Their Fall Hours are Tuesday - Sunday 1:00-7:30 PM.  You may want to check their Facebook Page to ensure they are open and actually at the corner on the day you want to visit.   And, their delectable flavor menu is listed on their website.

MAM's House of Ice
Corner of 20th and Rutland

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